First Tracks - written by Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum's Ski Historian Glenn Parkinson. 

In Glenn's words: "First Tracks is by no means a comprehensive history of skiing in Maine, it offers a look at the people and the events that have shaped Maine's skiing history."


by Jeff Foltz of Camden, Paperback, 260 pages


by Glenn Parkinson, Paperback, 60 pages


by Dave Irons, Hardcover, 112 pages


By Sonny Goodwin, a memoir of his life in Camden and his work with the Camden SnowBowl.


by John Christie, Hardcover, 176 pages


This book tells the history and accomplishments of the Chisholm Ski club. In 2017, the Chisholm Ski Club celebrated their 100th anniversary. 


A history of Maine's oldest continuously operated ski area, written by Dave Irons.


Author: Megan Roberts


Author: Jack Williams


The first edition of Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum's Colorful History Coloring Book is here just in time for filling those last minute holiday gifts! Learn about the history of skiing from the very early days while coloring the many characters and cartoons. On the last page is a glossary with some very interesting  information about the images you are coloring. We hope you will enjoy this coloring book!


In 1947, three Cross brothers - Don, Norton and Stuart purchased 200 acres of land in Greenwood. They were loggers and this was common to purchase large lots for harvesting. It was in 1958 after a snow storm that the vision of a ski slope materialized. After purchasing additional acreage, and clearing the land the brothers commenced to establish Mt. Abram. 

Fast forward to ski season 2020/2021 - Mt. Abram is celebrating 60 years of being "Maine's Family Mountain".