Special Programs

Sisters of Skade: Women in Maine Skiing 1870-2017

In recognition of International Women’s History Month in March, a new program has been developed. It is a two part presentation. The first half is a slideshow and discussion which includes historic photos ranging from recreational skiers to competitive champions on the subject of women in Maine Skiing from its inception in the late 19th century through the present day. The second half is a panel discussion which includes women leaders –both past and present in several fields of the sport and industry of skiing and snowboarding. The Sisters of Skade presentation is only the beginning of discovering and telling the stories from women who share an important part of the history of women skiing in Maine.


Blue Hill 8th Grade Class Visits the Museum

The eighth grade class from Blue Hill's Public School visited the Ski Museum on February 7th. This class trip brought 30 students and chaperones into the gallery to learn about the history of skiing in Maine. The tour begins with an introduction of skiing in Aroostook County by the Swedish immigrants and proceeds through the early 1900's with our Theo Johnson/TAJCO display into the ski manufacturers from Maine. The museum presents a "Children's Corner", a replica of the "King & Dexter" ski shop from the '30's, a homage to the 10th Mountain Division, a wall of ski resorts - both Lost and Open which leads to a display of "Classic" skis. There is something for everyone at the Ski Museum.


University of Southern Maine Wellness & Tourism Class visits the Museum.

On April 25th the USM Wellness & Tourism class visited the Museum. The focus of this event was placed on how the advent of skiing in Maine went from a form of transportation by the earliest skiers to what is now - a major winter tourism draw. 

USM Wellness & Tourism Class Trip

Ski Museum of Maine In-school 4th Grade Education Program

The Ski Museum is in the process of redesigning the 4th grade program which aligns with the 4th grade History of Maine curriculum. It has been shown in the Bethel area schools, Kingfield and Stratton schools. The format will include a narrated slide presentation on the basics of Maine Skiing History and the importance of skiing in our state's lifestyle and economy, and an a show and tell session where the children can touch and feel the antique ski equipment. These school programs have been made available by the Sugarloaf Regional Charitable Trust and the Sunday River Community Fund.


We invite classrooms to add the Ski Museum of Maine as a destination for class trips. Also, we invite civic organizations and groups to hold their meetings in the museum - we have ample space to set up seating for your event or meeting and can provide a guided tour for the group. For more information, contact:

Theresa Shanahan, Executive Director

207-265-2023, executivedirector@skimuseumofmaine.org