Class of 2023

We are excited to announce the Maine Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame – Class of 2023. The Induction Ceremony will be at Sugarloaf on Saturday November 4th. We share brief quotes to give you a sense of what made these people special. 

Harry & Martha Baxter

By Dan Baxter, their son

“Why a joint nomination? Harry and Martha have always been a team. John Christie first approached Dad in Portland in 1966 while Dad was demonstrating ski technique on a rolling deck in the summer. He convinced my parents to come to Sugarloaf. With Dad serving as ski school director and Mom was the ski school administrator running the desk, bookkeeping, ticketing and helping staff as well as teaching. Dad went on to become the mountain manager.”

Stuart, Norton and Don Cross

Laurie Fitch, President of Mt. Abram Ski Club 

“All three brothers worked hard to create the ski area that is still popular today. The success of Mt Abram in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s was due to the efforts of all three brothers and their families. Growing up I witnessed the hard work and dedication they put into operating the ski area affectionately known as “Maine’s Family Mountain”.

Paul Emerson

Written by Andy Shepard, Hall of Fame Class of 2016

“Saddleback Mountain and the Emerson family have been inextricably linked from the early years of Saddleback and are well positioned to continue to be so well into the future. Over the years, no mountain has had a better reputation for the professionalism of its ski patrol than Saddleback and no family has played more of a role in the culture of skier safety on the mountain than the Emerson’s. This nomination honors Paul, 50 year member of the ski patrol and the patriarch of three generations of Emerson’s that have helped make Saddleback special.”

Mike Gammon

Written by Tom Morrill, Vice President Kittery Trading Post

“If you’re going to talk about the very best, most influential ski shop manager and owner in Maine, Mike Gammon’s name and his ski shop, “The Ski Rack” must come up immediately. In the late 60’s, 70’s ,80’s and 90’s, Mike seemed to be everywhere selling, supporting, and sponsoring Maine skiers. Mike made sure that Maine’s youth were well served and had the skiing equipment they needed to hit the slopes. And Mike’s fast talk came with a flash of wit and a story that made everyone laugh, but what went unspoken was his undeterred support of everyone who loved to ski. Behind that million-dollar smile was a kind, caring and generous man, who gave the same attention to an Olympic competitor or a five-year-old in a black snowmobile suit.”

Ronn Gifford

Written by Steve DeAngelis, Maranacook Nordic Ski Coach,  Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

The year after ending his own racing career, Ronn became the ski coach at Maranacook Community High School. In the 18 years since then, Ronn has led his high school teams to eight State Championships and has been coach of the Maine Team at the Eastern High School Championships for 16 of those 18 years.

Ron Jacques

Written by Scott Hoisington, Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

“In 1996, after a great day of skiing at Sugarloaf/USA, Ron and his brother Kenny hatched a plan to open a ski shop in their hometown. At that time there were two other ski shops within 3 miles of where they planned to open. With enough cash to fill the cash register drawer they opened. The next few seasons were challenging. But the Ski Depot quickly became the locals favorite ski shop and their reputation for customer service and expert knowledge spread around the state with great results.

At Spruce Mountain in Jay, Ron assisted with teaching young skiers and supported youth racing with significant contributions. A true passion for the sport and helping others experience it was a large part of his life."

Bruce Johnson

Written by Andy Shepard, Hall of Fame Class of 2016

“In the life of any enterprise there will typically be a period of crisis, a point requiring people of tenacity, vision, and grit to step up and see the mountain through. Bruce Johnson was one of those men in the early, formative stages of Saddleback’s development.

Bruce oversaw the installation of Saddleback’s first snowmaking system – one of the first in the state, if not the first – in the summer of 1968. He and his crew got a snow gun from Otto Wallingford (Class of 2003), put it on a flatbed truck, drove it through a parade to promote the fact they’d have a system that winter and then worked and prayed that they’d be able to get it figured out and running on time. They did have the system running that winter.”

Frank Langlois

Written by Jon Morrill, Vice President of Kittery Trading Post

“Frank Langlois was a pioneer in the ski industry. As a teenager you would often find Frank and his buddies carrying their skis from home in Portland to the rolling hillsides on Riverside Golf Course to get in extra turns. On weekends he traveled with the Deering High School Outing Club to various mountains to ski. Frank worked in a small ski shop in Portland, mostly lacquering and installing steel edges on skis. A true ski icon who understood the meaning of hard work.

In 1959 Frank and his wife Ellie, borrowed $600 from his mother and opened Chalet Ski Shop in Portland, which was less than 800 square feet and had a monthly rent of $115. As Frank grew the shop, it was recognized as one of the finest on the Eastern Seaboard”. As Frank would say. “The guys who went skiing in the winter failed. The successful owners worked in the store seven days a week”

Jeff Rosenberg

Tom Butler, VP of Skier Services at Sugarloaf

“What I find most impressive about Jeff is not his considerable accomplishments or how many positions and roles he has played throughout his career, but rather how many people he has influenced and served as a mentor for. Jeff always expects you to do your best. It may seem a cliché but doing your best meant a little more when working for him. He challenged you to dig deeper and really ask yourself if what you just did was truly your best.”