The Cocoa Chronicles

Sponsored by Oakhurst Dairy
Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council

The history of winter sports is the artifacts of leather boots and wooden skis. The heritage is the memories-the smell of wet wool and the taste of hot cocoa. The Cocoa Chronicles is a monthly series of hybrid presentations both live and online that speak to topics of Maine's ski and snowboard history and heritage.

Stay tuned for recordings of the following presentations

WHY WE SKI - November 26, 4:30- 6 PM (in-person) 5-6 PM (online) Bethel Inn Resort, Bethel
Why do we spend time outdoors on a mountain in the winter? Is it being with family and friends, the natural beauty surrounding us, the health benefits, or the thrill? A limited number of seats is available for the Bethel live presentation. The ticket price is $20 and includes a complimentary souvenir mug filled to the brim with cocoa and topped with Oakhurst whipped cream.
MADE IN MAINE - December 16, 4:30-6 pm  Harris Farm, Dayton
Maine has played an important role in the development of winter sports from 1870 to today- from North America's first ski book to wooden skis from Tubbs, Paris, and LL Bean to Bass ski boots up to today's ski and snowboard manufacturers. A limited number of seats are available for the live presentation.  

WINTER CARNIVALS IN MAINE - January 27, 6pm  Camden Public Library Zoom Presentation with Glenn Parkinson
In the 1920' Maine towns and cities hosted elaborate multi-day winter carnivals where ski jumping was a big draw. After the Great Depression carnivals moved north to Aroostook where the carnivals focused on ski marathons, kids ski races, jumping, skiing obstacle courses, and snowshoe events. 

Five Centuries of Snowboarding - Feb 24, 4:30-6 PM, Sugarloaf Hotel, Carrabassett Room
While the modern snowboard was developed in the 1970s there were precursors being used as early as the 1600s. We will look at those early versions, some of the many variations in the 20th century, and some of the pioneers who helped make the sport so popular in Maine. 



Stories about Women in Skiing - Thursday, April 7th, 4:30- 6 pm, Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum, Sugarloaf Access Rd
Skade, the Norse Goddess of skiing inspired this presentation. Using primary source material, rare books, and articles, this presentation will offer a unique look into the history of women who have helped further the sport of skiing and snowboarding.